Nice this was closed with no explanation would of sure been helpful now Please choose how you got the application: Please start a new discussion topic. Installing and upgrading help Install Error: I have no file or folder permission issues that I can tell, all as they should be, yet I am getting this stupid error on the front page, have confirmed the permissions are set to on the conf, files, tmp folder. Just want to sharing this with this community. If you remove the config.

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After delete this setting under file called http. Normally I skip the mode Feel free to create a new topic referencing to this one if necessary.

Post as a guest Name. It should contain something like this: Getting the following exception while trying to execute tests in testlink: I changed this bug to make it a feature request for Install Tool that should not crash as dramatically as ro does currently when invalid DB parameters are provided.


A nice message is shown meaning invalid credentials do not crash install tool anymore.

Moodle in English

Last edited by rr ; This is the outputted code: Still the same error, tell me if I did anything wrong. You must click on the platform or cloud that you are using to find the correct instructions.

Without the extension installed the error occured. You all seem to use MySQL as database, is it true?

The problem which is sub domain inside virtual host. Backup your scriptcase dir for safety sake.

Moodle in English: Install Error: “ADONewConnection: Unable to load database driver”, help please!

Go to your scriptcase dir: History 1 Updated by Xavier Perseguers about 8 years ago Cannot reproduce the bug. Maybe its empty in these cases? Even replaced the DBAL with the one from the trunk to be sure Unable to load database driver”, help please! Now go to your normal scriptcase dir via your browser and it will work again Well done for finding the reason but it is not acceptable that the update should do this.


Best regards, Carlos R. Unable to load database driver ” Copy the apache log if relevant: I got the same: Login, goto Execute tests, select a test case. No such file or directory.

Latest version of Scriptcase updated regularly. It is possible that you are missing some configuration there.

[SOLVED] ADONewConnection: Unable to load database driver – Scriptcase Forum

How to Run the Bitnami Support Tool Please note that you need to paste the code outputted by the adoewconnection in your reply. It found a few things and installed them.

Unable to load database driver ” error disappeared. Actually it is the permission problem I guess. Please choose how you got the application: The full error is: Can you try this.

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