Factory default image and click Next. Acer is a registered trademark of Acer Corporation. Change Password Acer eRecovery and Acer disc-to-disc recovery are protected by a password that can be changed by the user. For example, mode 0 data transfer rate is 3. Disconnect the two cables from the rear of FDD.

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Detach the daughter board from the bracket.

These values may not be the same as those in your system. This memory area is not part of the system RAM.

Ethernet Controller driver free download for windows – Acer – Aspire SA85/AP S

T Wrist grounding strap and conductive mat for sx85 electrostatic discharge. Signal T Socket Type: Chapter 2 This option is for setting the shutdown temperature level for the processor. Turn off the power to the system and all peripherals. Loosen the two screws on each side to detach the HDD.

General Help Chapter 2 Advanced Chipset Features The advanced chipset features setup option is used to change the values of the chipset registers.


Re-install bundled software without CD 5. T T PIO mode: Everything above 1MB is either extended or extended memory.

Acer Aspire SA85 Parts and accessories

Enabled The items allow you to set the sequence of boot device where BIOS attempts to load the disk operating system. High figures will improve performance. When asspire processor reaches the temperature you set, the ACPI-aware system will be shut down. Slide the side door out. Acer Incorporated makes no representations or warranties, either expressed aspife implied, with respect to the contents hereof and specifically disclaims any warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.

Acer Aspire SA85 XP Home Desktop

The command line at the bottom of the menu tells you how to move within a screen and from one screen to another. V Chapter1 System Specifications If you are already in the main menu, press exit Setup.

T Provides DMI 2. Before you run Setup, make sure that you have saved all open files. Use the arrow keys to scroll to the language azpire you want. In the Acer eRecovery window, select Recovery actions and click Next. Setting to Off will allows users to use the arrow keys on the numeric keypad.


Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation. Opening the System 1. Settings in boldface are the default and suggested settings. This leaves KB of conventional memory. Restore from asplre 3. If any other program writes to this memory area, a system error may result.

These registers control most of the system options in the computer. Lift the Heatsink from the socket. If you only want to install setup defaults for a specific option, select and display that option.

Chapter 3 Standard Disassembly Procedure This section tells you how to disassemble the system when you need to perform system service. When setting the dthernet, ensure that the jumper caps are placed on the correct pins.

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