But now I’m trying to get my remote controller working. I got a saa based tv card in my computer and want to make it work under linux So I’ve installed videodevX before for another video device winnov webcam with pci card which is working perfectly. Are you new to LinuxQuestions. Comment on this change optional. I’m trying to get the remote working properly now. The TV tuner card identified as “Multimedia controller:

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Here are the errors I get: I capture with wdm programs virtualvcr and sometimes iuvcr, so dropped frames with me are not caused by audio synchronisation as i don’t allow these programs to alter the frame rate. The SAA datasheet I never found one for the saa with register descriptions in them: I think the card is recognised and everything, but tvtime and other software I tried report no signal.

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The more noise, the more time the signal needs to be monitored to differentiate between noise and the start of the horizontal sync pulse and the more noise jitter you get. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. I’m going to do another capture now. Hi, I have this card and it works great under FC7 except for the remote control. I’m trying to get the remote working properly now.


I just did a test to test the theory. D I did find this Horizontal time constant on various pages relating to video equipment like line doublers etc.

Linux on ASUS DigiMatrix

Comment on this change aus. I have read many of the threads and googled lots with no results, so any help is very appreciated. This comes from a copy of a tape 8 years old so I hope it would be a good test. This driver appears to have active upstream support. Having a problem logging in?

[linux-dvb] Problem with saa7134: Asus Tiger revision 1.0, subsys 1043:4857

Asus hybrid tv tuner saa Hello everyone I know there are loads of threads discussing this tv tuner, I apologize in advance for starting yet another one. Results 1 to 4 of 4. I think that I just have to set options in my xorg.

I guess something changed while patching my kernel but what?

No window properties found for EWMH. So it looks like an improvement. However, this is my first capture since a reboot and I’m yet to confirm if this is due to that or due to VCR input.

Find More Posts by carboncopy. But now I’m trying to get my remote controller working.


Find More Posts by theYinYeti. Reassigning to kernel team. As always thanks for your knowledgable reply. October 29th, 2.

Linux on ASUS DigiMatrix

Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies. Forgot to mention, I am using Asjs x86 32 bit and I compiled and installed the latest saa from the mercurial trunk linux tv wiki claimed it is more stable than the kernel one Let me know if you need more information to help.

I’ve installed it as an usb mouse and then it worked thanks for your help. Fixed in my git tree. This report is remaining open against the actively developed kernel. I got the same pattern of frame drops, but i got 55 minutes into the capture at saa77134 desktop resolution i don’t know if this sxa7134 a difference but it appears to be more stable at lower resolutionswhilst word processing on a hard drive which wasn’t cleanly formatted.

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