Display width adjusted to to due to alignment constraints II fglrx 0: The kernel must be there on my brand new install I assume. II “glx” will be loaded. On the forums I found as a possibility: Assuming you have a working Xorg. Catalyst Control Center doesn’t always give me all the options I’d like resolutions, screen position, set default screen. Linear framebuffer phys at 0xd — fglrx 0:

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I just want to test both opensource and ATI’s restricted drivers for their 3D capability I do imaging research before jumping into Jaunty. I installed it on Mobility Radeon HD The installer notes from ati state that old drivers must be removed before installing new ones.

can’t install Catalyst drivers

Open-source driver has low frame rate. So does Ubuntu 9. Well, I’m glad Cisplay could help with that issue, even if I didn’t know I was doing so.

Nope the aticonfig –initial -f didn’t work for me. Linear framebuffer phys at 0xc — fglrx 0: I want to use my dual monitor as well as compiz style effects.

Checking initramfs for custom DSDT [ 0. When Catalysftm go http: Generate a fresh xorg. Going back to previous kernel didn’t solved the problem it seems that instalation for new kernel somehow affected the old onebut I still didn’t try to install 9. The only issue is that they are still under heavy development – a good thing, but that still means the situation hasn’t been resolved.


Graphics Card

It seems Proprketary have to load glibc first of all for this driver to work. Next, I downloaded the drivers directly from ATI. I am still a relative beginner tried Linux two years ago – just returned and confused by the technical detail above, though it is a useful thread.

II Setting vga for screen 1. This can also happen if a patch in the DKMS system doesn’t apply properly. Ill try with the x64 and see if that does the same thing. I still haven’t been able to get the restricted driver working.

Mapper loaded [ 0. Is there any patch for the catalyst 9. Be forewarned, it’s still a release candidate, but I, at least, haven’t had any problems.

Currently my panels and the login screen show up on the monitor connected via DVI; I want the D-Sub monitor to be the primary one. How to uninstall fglrx will depend on how you installed it in the first place.

I managed to get it working once, but I proprieatry I had to use Xgl. Also I cannot find Posix in Synaptic to see whether or not I have it though I think it must already be there? The problem is, we shouldn’t be having to catallysttm this at all.


[ubuntu] ATI Catalyst driver officially released [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

You can easily check out our best quality MB which prepare you well for the real MB exam. IRQ9 used by override. I did the same thing with the apt-get remove xorg-driver-fglrx but when I tried to resume normal boot up, it said that there was already a display at display: You know where the howto for installation is How To: Well, it turns out that I can’t use the new Catalyst drivers anyway.

Installing initial module Error! I downloaded my driver from ATI’s website and it xisplay no difference to me. Unfortunately, emotion doesn’t always come across well on the Internets.

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