After reading some blogs, i came to know this could be possible using the datacom odbc driver which can be used to connect to sql serveror ssis. I had to install a 32 bit odbc driver on my dev box to be able to connect and query the mainframe. My work includes odbc, jdbc driver development, enhancement and maintenance to enable people. Now the problem is, that the datacom server is not the most recent version. Select the database that you want to crawl and, if necessary, specify a user ID and password that enables the crawler to access the database. Whether the workstation user fills in the caicci ids and other data source options when configuring a data source depends on how the users odbc enabled applications handle odbc connections. If you use the latter approach, multiple crawlers and other system components can use the same credentials.

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Drivers, connected to odbc, interpret calls from the microsoft odbc driver manager and make calls to ca datacomdb.

It’s perfectly acceptable to answer your own question and accept italthough you should usually wait for other parties to have the chance. Devopssummit at cloudexpo, to be held juneat the santa clara catacom center in santa clara, ca announces that its call for papers is open.

Optionally, you can edit cursor behavior, how tables jdc accessed, change auto commit, define table caching, limit the listed tables, and modify statement processing options of the server from the options tab on the ca datacom db odbc setup window.

When a user searches the database, data from the jebc tables appears as additional fields when the document is displayed in the search results. Later, you can add databases of the same type to the crawl space.


The sas odbc va is an implementation of the odbc standard that enables you to access, manipulate, and update sas data sources from applications that are odbc compliant. This tier extends support to the 64bit sequelink client for odbc tier built on the storied datadirect connect for odbc framework on platforms supported by datastage.

Connecting to Datacom database

Hi all, have anyone tried connecting to ca datacom v11 using jdbc odbc. Other database types are not supported. Post as a guest Name. Datacomjdbcdriver, then i was faced some issue like while running system is looking dll file. Select the database that you want to crawl and, if necessary, specify a user ID and password that enables the crawler to access the database. To complete your installation of ca datacom server for sql web connect, you need to install and modify the ca datacom server configuration using the following procedures.

We are now looking at using a jdbc driver for the first time, is there an opinion on what driver is best to use for datacom.

I’ve looked through the Datacom SQL docs but nothing is jumping out as the potential problem. For example, if a column in the table contains large binary content such as documents with the BLOB or CLOB data typeyou can configure the crawler to treat one of those datackm as content.

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I hope that this is not the case, for if it is, and if they prevail, then the ramifications are considerable. Vatacom guys, i vatacom looking to migrate data from ca datacom database to sql server Ca odbc ca datacom db driver jdgc updates, deletes or inserts are allowed in sqlprepare the select statement works just fine.


Hence, ca datacom server provides both a 32bit odbc driver and a 64bit odbc driver. Can anyone let me know what the latest and best odbc driver s available for datacom are.

You must have administrator access rights to create or modify any odbc data source, including the default odbc data source for ca datacom. This support will allow a Server region to remain up and jfbc in a paused state when the attached CA Datacom MUF instance is terminated and is being replaced by a new instance.

Ca datacom odbc driver

It is the “fetch first n rows only” clause that limits the number of rows returned from the result set. Data source names dsn are likewise separated by bitness since a dsn is dahacom for a specific driver.

For example, the search servers can use the credentials when determining whether a user is authorized to access content. Regarding datacom server connection issue using jdbcodbc. Also, unless you specifically account for edge cases, the end rows have a smaller chance of being included your set has to loop to the start of the table again.

Java driver for Datacom: SQL syntax issues – Stack Overflow

No method I’ve tried yet has worked with the jdbc Datacom driver. URI formats in the index. Specify the type of database that you want to crawl. No updates, deletes or inserts are allowed in sqlprepare.

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