We see a clear increase of performance and this in spite of the video card which in 3Dmark becomes a noticible bottleneck. I love my 80 mm Thermaltake adjustable speed fan , btw. Originally posted by draeseke: RGrizzzz Ars Praefectus Tribus: Even if nVidia does not have the same influence on the motherboard market as it has on the video card market the majority of all motherboard manufacturers introduced a motherboard based on the nForce2-chip.

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FSB overclocking is however depending on the motherboard and with AMD-systems there are other possibilities to run high bus speeds FSB when the processors are able to be unlocked, in difference to the Intel systems. Works very well 8gda is very quiet.

RGrizzzz Ars Praefectus Tribus: NVidia is a name you directly relate to video cards and has been so for quite a while.

EPoX EP-8RDA – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – nForce2 SPP

Epox 8RDA – 6 channel sound? Qudio the Epox site and newegg. We compare the price to equal products and even the accessibility among retailers.

The conclusion is that the epoxx chipset clearly works best with synchronized bus speeds whether the DualDDR-support is used or not. Jul 13, Posts: EPoX has for a long time been a great actor on the enthusiast market and has also acquired a big network of retailers.


There are however very few nForce2 motherboard on the market at this time that offers this feature. Incidently, from what we have seen thus far in nForce2 boards, it doesn’t seem like IDE RAID is being supported on very many models at all which is a shame. Here were the timings we were able to achieve: Here were our results:.

The following demos were run with SoundStorm sound enabled:. We took the chance to run through some performance tests during this overclocking to se how much of an increase we could achieve.

It seems as if the nForce2 north bridge SPP varies greatly in quality and unfortunately we had undoubtedly gotten one of lesser quality. We see a clear increase of performance and this in spite of the video card which in 3Dmark becomes a noticible bottleneck. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. This can both stop the air flow and be in the way of other things in the case. And as the synchronized speeds often demand less from the memory, we see no reason to use anything else but synchronized speeds in single channel on the nForce2 motherboard.

Fri Mar 14, 1: I’m assuming it uses the MCP-T sound. Nov 25, Posts: We have even done a few different tests with memory frequencies on the nForce2 card to further explore the problems with asynchronous memory speeds. A small disadvantage is also the location of the ATX contact which is a problem we unfortunately see on many motherboards today. Anyone out there have it and can confirm this for me?


EPoX EP-8RDA – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – nForce2 SPP Overview – CNET

Mar 3, Posts: We have made some changes in the test 8rds since the review of Chaintech 7NJS Zenith and therefore we do not use the results from that board in the tests. The included panels gives the user access to both extra USB2.

EPoX has for as long as I can remember been one of the manufacturers who encourage overclocking, perhaps spox officially but without a doubt if you look at how their products are designed.

The nForce2 chipset has very generous memory settings which enables you to optimize the system very well no matter how good the quality of the memory is. Which stepping aduio best for overclocking?

Is it chocked full of USB and firewire ports, or is it just a plain and simple mainboard solution? Does it have 6 channel sound? Also, I’m kind of new to AMD.

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