Finally, the four Fostex FEE drivers arrive. The table below shows a comparison of the measured results. The Fostex FEE driver is cm 4. The frame is stamped steel so it should benefit from some damping with ductseal. Last update 12 July I gave them to him since I can easily build another pair.

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I do not have the speakers anymore, my brother begged me for them! The Fostex FEE driver is cm 4. As a result, loudspeaker placement is generally not critical, but you do want to keep them off of a wall.

Fostex FE127E Specifications

Additionally, bipoles throw a huge wall of sound which can make them sound very dynamic. With a sealed enclosure, the back wave does not interfere with the front wave because it is trapped in the sealed box.

My dog is trying to help so we can fe127s early. The following circuit was added to the speaker input terminal. The driver is well built and like most Fostex units, it sounds excellent. Created 12 November I wanted to do the sealed enclosure since this would improve the midrange and the bass will be tighter.


The frame of the driver is stamped steel, so it will benefit from some damping. Despite the reduced efficiency, sealed designs are quite popular as they promote a smooth frequency response and excellent cone control which translates into accurate sound reproduction.

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I elected to go with a bipole enclosure since it eliminates the need for a power grabbing BSC baffle step compensation fistex. With wall loading within 25 mm2 dB was found to be adequate, dB was required in free space, but this speaker really needs wall loading. Last update 12 July The sound is a bit brilliant and forward.

Last update 12 July I connected the unfinished speakers gostex the damping materials to my two Sonic Impact T-Amps. Created 28 February Last update 12 July The cone is made of banana plant’s fiber and this it is very light and the driver is fast. I constructed a pair of small tower sealed bipole speakers using the 4. As you can see, the parameters measured do not match very closely with those published by the manufacturer.

It is magnetically shielded for use near television or CRT monitor.


As a result, sealed box systems are typically the least efficient re127e since half of the radiation from the driver i. The above calculations are for inductor and resistor values to suit the FEE driver DCR of 6R9 on the sample used and the baffle width. Created 12 November Here the Fostex FEE fullrange driver rostex used in a small vented bass reflex box. Bass is tighter, but of course, you need a subwoofer for frequency lower than 80Hz.



Fostex users have said that break-in time for the drivers is at least hours. The enclosure design for this project is shown below in Drawing See fosfex modifications and tweaks for the Fostex FEEn fullrange speaker driver for an example. Finally, the four Fostex FEE drivers arrive. For two FEE drivers, the optimum volume is about 12L.

A box designed to this ratio will have smaller resonant peaks than one whose dimensions are equal. The measurements were made at about 22 degrees Celsius.

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