Took me forever to figure out that I hadn’t added it to Modprobe! I have seen where some got them working while others didn’t it uses a different chipset and it seems to depend on the version of the adapter. Hi Blackcamaro8, Many thanks for replying so quickly. Take a look at the first result I click on it’s pretty short and to the point http: I wish I had better news for you.

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Take a look at the first result I click on it’s pretty short and to the point http: Sorry I didn’t get back sooner nothing to do with world cup football, of course It looks like it has a Atmel at76ca chipset. There was a version 2.

I have a GSky and it works great. Opened menus at the top with no problem.

I then deleted the old driver. Hate to say it but you may want to consider just getting a different adapter. I think maybe this adapter cannot be used on this computer? Kaspin, have you performed the following command?: I did some searching for your adapter and it didn’t look good. You won’t know which version you’re getting when you order it. Maybe that’s not a good idea.


Sorry if the above is long-winded, but the secret seems to be to download the latest available driver for WinXP from the TrendNet site before any of the suggested solutions can work Linus tried “sudo modprobe ndiswrapper” both after and before the “sudo ndisgtk” instruction, but my usb wifi key is still not recognised. I logged out there. When booting up there are those half-dozen system options to choose from I chose the first one this time. So, despite your help, I’m still hwu54r.

I’ll have to work through getting my accounts active again; haven’t used them in years.

User:Hojalot/wireless usb adapters with antenna

Thanks in advance, kaspin. With the wireless adapter connected to your computerare there drivers in there that you can install. I’m going to try it now. Started up FireFox and came to forum. Nothing happens when I connect the wifi adapter. With the computer running and you’re on the desktop, plug the usb wifi adapter in or leave it plugged in. Restarted; copied the directions and sent them via email to my laptop so I can avoid opening up Writer here. I was not at desktop however.


zdrw – WikiDevi

Pulled down menus for a minute. Here’s the google search for HWU54D chipset http: The Compaq desktop I’m building up is presently hooked up directly to the router, working fine. I wish I had better news for you.

Could only see 3 messages, at 2, 7, and 8 hours ago. Put it in a Code box using the at the top of the post box with the info highlighted to keep the formatting. As soon as I selected Terminal, black screen.

This isn’t going to be what you want to hear.

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