The remaining case was closed at the request of the victim. Society deserves better than for someone like him to be loose and able to cause additional harm. Dude’s clearly already a hardened criminal. So you’re suggesting we have sympathy for soldiers from both sides that have sustained injuries from war? The offenders must stop this unacceptable and violent behaviour. During the sentencing, Kinosh apologized to Hawkesworth. Last, he will be put under house arrest for a minimum of one year, and he will not be allowed to leave except to work or for programs his probation officer deems appropriate.

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No one should be surprised the military recruits psychopaths. Header by Matt Weber. He should suffer the consequences like everyone else. The man has “no alcohol ever” as a condition to his sentence, and is wholly repentant for his actions. Click Here to access the online Public Inspection File. I’m sharing my experiences so people don’t do the same thing.

For some reason I kept thinking can you imagine if he was in a situation with a girlfriend with that roid rage fab tantrum throwing attitude.

I know you might never forgive me. He often refuses payment for the drive, and asks personal questions or attempts to flatter his passenger. I want to hurt this man a little bit.


Marine Sergeant attacks cab driver : StreetFights

He’s in need of treatment which he is now gettingnot incarceration. Having dumb legal technicalities on the books probably isn’t influencing anyone to shoot-to-kill when drawing is all that’s necessary. There are plenty of people who went and dont act like this.

I’m confident that man was like that attscks he went into the Marines.

Home Style Interior attacks and home accessories in Halifax. Right, and I hope a jury would have the decency and common sense to realize that. In court today, Kinosh’s lawyer said the man had no memory of the attack, he just remembers drinking a lot. Most people here think the world is black and white. No need to make someone a hardened criminal for their first offense.

I’m suggesting that someone who has medically proven trauma to the brain should be athacks not fully copus mentus, like the courts already do. He deserves to be tillman-ed. Student Survival The official handbook to student life in Halifax.

Thats why parole and suspended sentences are a thing. He should be punished no doubt but those mitigating circumstances that should be gunnyy into account.

Former Marine Gets Probation In Brutal Cabbie Attack

This post contained a dead link or is from a strange site, but now a mirror has been posted in the comments. I’m terribly ashamed and embarrassed. Monday, July 25, City News Police release statistics about taxi driver sexual assaults There have been 12 reported cases in the last four years, five in alone. Hawkesworth told the judge he had thousands of dollars in medical bills and still has trouble sleeping.


The video has been deleted or removed from the page. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. The driver either has a lone female passenger or waits until only one woman is left in his cab.

That starts with paying performers. Someone obviously doesn’t understand what brain injuries from combat can do to a man.


Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Schwartz told Kinosh she hoped he would regret his decision for the rest of his life. Members of Kinosh’s family were present during the proceedings and were crying as he apologized to Hawkesworth. Coast Top Ten Most Read.

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